Eye Tests

About Your Eye Test

A routine eye test in our office requires approximately 45 minutes. Optometrists refer to eye tests as subjective refraction. That is, it relies on your responses to let us know if we have the correct prescription. Here at Boneham Optometrist we are aware of this and are careful not to rush you, so you have enough time to give the correct response.

Recently we purchased a state of the art, automated refractor head.  This has many new features compared to the old system which has helped us make our refraction that much more accurate.

During your examination a health history will be taken. It is important for you to provide all information, regardless of how insignificant you might think it is.

Tests related to the following are are all part of a complete examination:

and other appropriate areas for each individual.

Following the test, we will carefully explain the results of your testing and discuss our recommendations regarding any needed preventive or remedial care.

During Your Eye Examination

An eye examination is a routine and pleasant experience. Some advice…

  • Don’t worry about making a mistake or giving the wrong answer
  • Don’t worry about your answers contradicting one another
  • Don’t hesitate to say so if you are unable to answer some of the questions
  • Don’t be alarmed if, for a few minutes during the examination, you find your vision getting worse instead of better.