Fees & Rebates

Consultations, Spectacles & Contact Lenses

Consultation Fees
  • Most consultation fees are set by the Department of Health and our optometrists charge only the  fees recommended by Australian Optometry. There are Medicare rebates available (see below).
  • For any which are not covered by Medicare, we charge  the fees recommended by Australian Optometry
  • Some patients require additional tests e.g Ocular coherence tomography (OCT) scan of the macula and optic nerve (up to $150) as well as corneal topography (mapping of the corneal surface) and anterior eye imaging which both attract fees of $50.
  • The vast majority of optometric consultations have a Medicare rebate.
  • Some consultations are not covered by Medicare, for example when fitting contact lenses.    In those cases where consultations have to be charged to the patient, this will be explained and discussed before any work is commenced.
Fees for Spectacles & Contact Lenses
  • We charge only the recommended retail (or less) for all spectacles and contact lenses.
  • Spectacles  are provided at no cost for patients covered by Veterans Affairs.  As long as they are the Veteran Affairs recommended frames.

Health Fund Rebates

Private health funds (MBF, HCF, etc..) provide rebates for spectacles and contact lenses. These are for set amounts in the different tables of coverage. It is also possible to select lenses and frames which are fully covered by these rebates.

Not all Health Funds and coverage tables provide the same level of rebate:

Single Vision Spectacles$80 to $225
Bifocal Spectacles$110 to $250
Progressive Spectacles$130 to $300
Soft Contact Lenses$110 to $250

We are able to claim directly for some funds, thus avoiding the need for patients to pay and claim. Our staff will advise whether your fund and level of coverage is included in these arrangements.

Veteran’s Affairs

Spectacles and contact lenses are provided at no cost for patients covered by Veterans Affairs. Our staff will be pleased to advise you on your entitlement.