Getting your glasses right!

Once your eye test is complete and we have the proper prescription, we will then begin to fit you for glasses when necessary. We take great pride in fitting you lenses properly and helping you in choosing the right frame for your script and for your own style. We are the only practice in the Sydney CBD with the cutting edge technology that is the Essilor Visioffice. Most modern lenses require more measurements than the fitting heights and PDs, and this machine allows us to take these measurements quickly and accurately.

We will always find the right fit for your style, budget and visual needs.

Frames and Lenses

Our staff are trained in finding the best frames for your needs. This includes an extensive knowledge of optics, face shapes, skin tones, eye shape and colour pallet. All of these factors help us choose the right frame for you.

We are constantly reviewing our frame selection and always restocking with the latest designs. Frame lines that we stock include:




All recommended brands have a 1 year warranty, and even budget ranges are guaranteed for 3 months.

If spectacles are prescribed, our professional staff will assist you in selecting eyewear that will be most appropriate to your face and lens prescription, This process will include factors such as style and colour, as well as sizing for proper fit and comfort.

Exciting Range of Fashion Sunglasses

As well as fashionable spectacle frames, we also have a full range of sunglasses.

These are available off-the-shelf with quality UV-Blocking sunglass lenses, or they can be fitted with sunglass lenses in your own personal prescription

A wide range of fashion brands is in stock and again feature our warranty on quality.

                                            New Technology in Spectacle Lenses

There are many exciting advances in the designs and materials for spectacle lenses:

  • High Index Materials for thinner & lighter lenses
  • Aspheric Lens Design for flatter, less bulgy, lenses
  • UV Blockers to prevent the transmission of harmful Ultra Violet radiation
  • Photo-sensitive Materials that change colour in response to sunlight
  • Progressive Lenses for people who would otherwise need bifocals
  • Occupational Lenses with special designs for different tasks, like VDU operators

Together these provide for thinner and lighter lenses, offering improved optics                                                                                            and a sight correction which is more natural.

Progressive Spectacle Lenses

Everyone over their early 40’s is affected to some degree by a natural loss of focussing ability called presbyopia. This is usually corrected with either reading spectacles, bifocals, trifocals or progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses are designed so that the distance prescription is used during straight-ahead gaze and the reading prescription during down-gaze. This then provides a more natural vision without any lines in the lens (which can get in the way on stairs for example).

  • Progressive lenses provide excellent results for most patients.
  • They provide a focus for distance, near and all distances between.
  • Cosmetically they look “younger” with no lines.
  • The vision correction is more natural for the wearer.

Progressive lenses are also known as multifocals or graduated lenses.

Lenses That Respond to Sunlight

Spectacle lenses with a tint that responds to sunlight (photochromics) have been available since the early 1970’s. However, until recently these lenses were always made from glass.

Now new lightweight colour change lenses are available made from resin (or plastic). There are several different brands but the most widely known are called Transitions or Colourmatic.

  • Photochromic plastic lenses are light weight
  • They respond to suit varying levels of glare
  • They also offer UV-protection as a feature of the material
  • The lens surfaces are treated to resist scratching
  • Newer versions also include high index materials for further reductions in weight & thickness.